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New leg, and new outlook

:: 02/24/11 — The Davis Enterprise

North Bay Prosthetics help Samson Ngutwa, UC Davis exchange student from Malawi, with a new leg and a new outlook to further his studies and return home.

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Area Marine vet gets leg up in life at Napa Valley Prosthetics and Orthotics

:: 11/11/07 — Napa Valley Register

Stanley lost his lower right leg in Korea in 1952 while serving in the Marine infantry.

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Fairfield specialist comes to aid of UC Davis student

:: 02/21/11 — Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD – When Samson Ngutwa, 37, met certified prosthetist orthoticist Michael Bright, the Fairfield practitioner could see bone peeking through the raw and irritated skin on the side of Ngutwa’s left knee. The prosthetic leg that Ngutwa had purchased in his native country of Malawi was rubbing the area raw at the spot on his […]

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Napa man helps Haiti quake victims

:: 05/26/11 — Napa Valley Register

Kyle Eckhart of Napa Valley Prosthetics and Orthotics spends his days helping people who need prosthetic limbs or orthotic braces. Eckhart barely gets a break for lunch, but in early May he was able to steal away from his business to travel to Haiti to help victims of the January 2010 earthquake. On May 6, […]

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